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"news at noon." on your side. >> a nor'easter storm wreaking havoc on areas of new york and new jersey. >> the strong storm blew through the area bringing rain and snow. live in new york city with the latest. >> for thousands who got their power back, they are in the dark
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once again because of this nor'easter. a slow recovery effort and hard- hit areas. it is a one two punch. a nor'easter blankets towns and cities. a plunging residents still recovering from hurricane sandy into cold darkness. >> our neighbors and friends -- this is what we are picking out of the water. >> in new york and new jersey, 60,000 customers who got their power back after sandy lost it all again. >> are you frustrated with con ed? >> extremely so. there are good and extremely organized people there, but their response to the storm has been a scandal. >> the nor'easter grabbed at least 1700 flights and stranded thousands of people on the long island railroad, the biggest commuter rail and the country. >> new york city police were
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forced to) station because of overcrowding. >> i want to go home. mother nature hates us. >> the snowfall forced people in new jersey to once again evacuate. the storm even forced fema and the red cross off of staten island with was decimated by sandy. >> where are they going to put us? we are human beings. >> another disaster we do not need at this time. everybody is devastated. it did not know if they are coming or going. >> the storm is now in new england, boston could get as much as four inches of snow. >> thank you very much. that same nor'easter impact of the soccer game last night. the mls semifinals in new jersey. snow caused the match up to be postponed until tonight. this comes after game 1 between these teams have to be moved because of hurricane sandy's
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and-on the area. >> two people taken to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning. this happened around 9:00 a.m. fire crews they run your did additional people on the scene and ended up only taking two to the hospital. we are getting word they are in stable condition. >> adam caskey here with a book our first call forecast. >> had a few snowflakes across the metro area yesterday evening and last night. not a big deal, but a brush and a glancing blow of the nor'easter. we had our first trace of snow at reagan national yesterday. here is a look of the bright sunshine. and the clouds over arlington. you can see the blue mixed and with the white. still rather chilly. look at these numbers. 46 and northwest washington. 50 in woodbridge. 48 in landover. right around 50. plus or minus around two or
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three. high temperatures only making it in the low to mid 50's. around 50 or 54. sunny but blustery. actually a little bit of a wind chill. first of all, here is your trouble forecast. notice the sunshine in the mid- section of the country. the warm air is on the move. i will let you know when it will make it here to washington. >> thank you. we are watching a story out of northeast d.c. police are trying to figure out our body ended up near a burning car. >> bizarre situation. john gonzalez has been following this and has more from the scene. >> a true mystery has left this neighborhood wondering what happened behind this school. >> it seems like foul play. >> the fire department was called to the area off of brentwood park way. when they arrived they found a man's body.
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>> i am very concerned. i do what here every day. >> somehow this said and ended up in this ditch. from the looks of the tire marks, it became -- it came from behind the high school. neighbors said this area is dark and the evening. and has had problems with prostitution and drugs in the past. >> people come back in this area. >> the city's major crush unit was at the scene moments later but the homicide unit was also called. school officials cannot comment in this afternoon. but detectives will more than likely be reviewing security cameras here. when the camera seems to estero directly towards the area where the car and body were found. -- seem to affect steer directly toward the area where the car and the body were found. >> they are not ready to say the
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official cause of death. in northeast washington, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thank you. jury selection under way and then murder trial of a accuse bowie state university of fatally stabbing her college roommate. alexis simpson charged with first-degree murder in the death of a dominique frazier. this happened last year. alexis simpson says this was because of self-defense. >> the man who pleaded guilty to shooting at gabrielle giffords will be sentenced. other survivors of the shooting rampage in 2011 in tucson will be in the courtroom crew today. yet amid to killing six people and wounding 12 others. under the plea deal will spend the rest of life behind bars. >> united states army private charged with sending government secrets to wikileaks is offering to plead guilty to some of the offenses. the hearing resumes today at
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fort meade, maryland. bradley manning is facing more than 20 charges including aiding the enemy. they say he is not planning guilty to federal charges but less serious offenses. bradley manning festival to go on trial in february. >> a teenager said she was assaulted and a library. she said she felt a man following her and watching her, she left the library around 9:00 a.m. -- 9:00 p.m. tuesday night. she said the man committed a bathroom and touched her and pushed her. people are shaken by this incident. >> that is really scary. i come to the library almost every day for school. walking to my car gets kind of creepy. especially in the night. the lights are dark and it gets and the. >> the victim was not hurt. the man ran off when she started screaming. >> president obama now getting back to business after his re- election. he announced plans for a ground- breaking visit and about two
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weeks. this would be the first by an american president to the area. meanwhile in the west, groups calling on a president obama to work on immigration reform. several organizations plan to rally in the white house this afternoon. what the whitepresident to work on immigration reform. >> now people are looking forward to the inauguration. four years ago people gathered around the nation's capital. now people are busy constructing the state of the platform where he will once again be sworn in as president. >> i already have friends of called a dibs on a bed in my house. >> hotels already are looking up, too. most with a minimum of four- night stay during a busy stretch. d.c. tourism capitalizing on
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this as well. >> and not wasting any time starting the planning. coming up you are on 87 news at noon in july and early taste of thanksgiving. we will tell you where you can sample pie today. >> and dozens of wounded warriors getting ready to head to sin city. we will tell you why coming up in a live report. >> we are keeping an eye out for wintry weather on a cold day. talks to find it on the water.
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>> the job of a bus driver charged in connection with a deadly crash on i-95. he faces four counts of
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involuntary manslaughter. they say it was headed from north carolina to new york city when it overturned after he fell asleep at the wheel. four people died, dozens more were hurt. >> your learning more about the man accused of terrorizing drivers and michigan. police believe he is behind 24 shootings. this along 96. the 43-year-old has a wife and a preschool-aged daughter. he was arrested after police raided his home and found two handguns. only one person was injured in those attacks. >> this sunday is veterans day. a group of wounded warriors receiving a special honor today. more than 90 wounded warriors are being sent to las vegas for the weekend. brianne carter is live at the airport with the details. >> they are all ready to go. they are getting ready to leave
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here, taking off your from reagan national airport. in total, it will be and 90 wounded warriors and the guests having to send a city. thanks to american airlines and a beef uso. now, while they are out there, there will be attending a walk of gratitude at the mirage, and be singing shows of the law agio. there will be lots of events planned. now we talked to one wounded warrior who was struck by and if ied while serving in the rock and 2006. we asked him what it means to on this trip and what it is like to spend the time with other wounded warriors. >> i enjoyed the people i have gotten to meet the thus far. we are staying in some of the nicest hotels. i cannot wait. >> says he cannot wait to do a little gambling.
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he plans on having a really good time. when he gets back next week he will have the 69th surgery. this time he will have this one at georgetown hospital purity says this will be on has led to fix injuries that still have not healed all of the way on their own. so many of these wounded warriors when we asked what they do it all again -- they said to serve their country? absolutely. reporting live, brianne carter abc 7 news. >> thank you. 12:14. >> is a nice day. is cool, but not bad. >> it is blustery. of a wind chill factor. given this time of year, i finally got rid of the heat index and put in the wind chill. but us start with the time-lapse of the sun rise over the district. just after the sunrise. over the past couple hours. sunrise was at 6:43.
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sets today at 5:00 p.m. the last day of the sunset at the 5:00 p.m. hour. tomorrow for:59 is tomorrow. losing daylight every day. an average of 2.5 minutes shorter every day. let us look at the temperature. 52 at reagan national. lookout drive the air is. the wind is at 21 miles per hour. that is a steady wind, not the cost. where gusting at 30 miles per hour. 48 in winchester. off to the west, 46, cumberland. right at the freezing point and garrett county and oakland. feels like 41 in winchester. feels like 25 in garrett county. and 46 at reagan national. a blustery day outside. transitioning into that time of year. not too cold this morning.
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winds of the northwest steady at 22 miles per hour in culpeper. the gusts in excess of 30 miles per hour and a few locations. here is the nor'easter now. basically moving right over and just to the east of cape cod. this is responsible for an average of about half a foot of snow in new jersey, central park and 4.7 inches. parts of connecticut had a foot of snow. that was an exception. it was not the norm. very strong system that produces a heavy snow. parts of new england here. xing and moving on out. that is why it is a gusty outside. and yesterday as well. let us focus here. the big old high pressure system. nice sunny high pressure system. that will move into town now and into tomorrow you will notice the sunshine. now and through the weekend mostly sunny.
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not only that, as the high strategically gets placed, it gets to the southeast of washington this weekend and will put us on the west side. on the return flow. that will translate into much warmer conditions and high temperatures well into the sixties, maybe even nearing 70 by sunday. here is the express forecast. 54 by 3:00 p.m., 49 by 6:00 p.m. tomorrow we will wake up to temperatures in the upper 20's. mid-30s downtown. and tomorrow, very senate, still cool and breezy. we will not be warm air into a week transition into the 60's this weekend. >> ok. we appreciate it. >> here is what is coming up. we will tell you why this little league football player has become quite the youtube sensation. >> she is amazing. >> nba star is opening up about
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why he quit basketball and the deep pain of trying to suppress at for years. right here on abc 7. >> coming up tonight we will tell you about the growing popularity of ladies arm roselyn. professionals by day, rustlers by night. they become their own alter egos as part of a competitive t
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>> a local charity is hosting a community pie de and support of its pipe selling campaign. let us check in with brian and a graph. -- brian van a graph >> we are giving samples out. and you do not have to do any work and the money goes to a great cause. >> this is our sixth annual sales. we have four great flavors.
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they are all baked locally by our fantastic new baker. you buy now, pick them up before thanksgiving, and every purchase provides one full day of meals for a client. >> if you are not in town, you can still buy a pie? >> yes. and we will deliver it on thanksgiving day. with their full meal. and you can get the pie, so if you are a friend of work, you can go online and by friends for them too. >> you are saying apple is the favorite? >> yes. i think apple is delicious. apple all the way. you can sample it a little bit and then put in a vote as well. >> you can sign on to their website. because of sandy and the election, you wanted to be up by -- up to about 5000 pies. >> we are about 30% behind where we were last year.
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we want everyone to start thinking about things getting an pies. sales and next thursday. only one week left. >> you cannot go wrong with pie. >> i am looking forward to getting some of that pumpkin pie. they are both good. a pint sized football player from salt lake city has statistics that prose drama about. 75 touchdowns. 65 tackles. this 9-year-old girl is having an amazing first season. adding to the praise, sam or for samantha, she is the only girl in the league. her dad up loaded a compilation of her highlights to youtube. >> i was not really sure what kind of response she would have. i thought it was impressive and it seems that other people enjoy watching her as well. >> she is unstoppable.
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her amazing skills and her domination of the game. she helped take her team to the playoffs. >> do you small reality show? 1.2 million hits on youtube. and black thursday as the new black friday. the retail giant kicking off on thanksgiving day. that is the earliest it has ever started. the deal start at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving at wal-mart. new offers coming in at 10:00 p.m. and a black friday at 8:00 a.m. >> i think people will go. check out this in the united kingdom. robbers drove motorcycles through a shopping mall and headed for a jewelry store. they knew exactly where they are going to read a couple went inside and grabbed the loot, kept shoppers at bay with an axe. they drove off and none of them have been seen since.
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>> welcome back. 12:27. adam caskey joining us. no matter how windy it is when the sun is out, it is ok. >> is the psychological effect. highs only in the 50's. tomorrow we will start that upward trend in temperatures. well into the 60's by the weekend with bright sunshine.
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